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Our Services

On Call

Institutional difficulties for radiology recruitment for nights and weekends is becoming more important. By combining on-call needs for these different centres via the i-Rad platform, hospitals and clinics can ensure 24 hour, 7 day-a-week radiologic service. On call radiologists guarantee rapid reporting via our platform.  Our radiologists are also available by telephone to consult with clinicians for complicated cases.

International Radiology

The i-Rad platform allows patients and institutions outside of Switzerland access to Swiss-quality diagnostic services. Our team provides diagnostic services within a delay of 72hours. Translation is available.

Teleradiology for diagnostic interpretation

Meet punctual diagnostic needs in case of absence (vacation or sick leave) or increase in workflow (increased demand). The complexities of finding and hiring appropriate, licensed radiologist especially for short duration adds to the unnecessary demands placed on the hospital structure. The i-Rad team fulfils this responsibility, liberating the hospital structure and ensuring appropriate coverage. Images are sent to Swiss licensed i-Rad radiologists for interpretation with a turnover for ambulatory cases of 24 hours.

Second opinion

Diagnostic imaging is rapidly developing in many specialities. It is fundamental that hospitals, clinics and imaging centres respond to the necessary competence required to interpret images in these domains. I-Rad, via its large network of speciality radiologists, provides second opinion in a variety of different domains including:

  • musculoskeletal imaging
  • pediatric imaging
  • women’s imaging
  • urogenital imaging
  • abdominal imaging
  • brain, head and neck imaging

All radiologists are certified and aggregated by our medical council. they posses an FMH licence with billing privileges to Swiss insurance agencies.

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